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Perfect way to start a day with Pomegranate : The super fruit

Season for Pomegranate has arrivedĀ šŸ™‚ I have been wondering how to eat this and thinking about the stone inside each small peaces but now I found the perfect way to eat this super fruit!! Super easy, tasty and healthy. These days this is my favorite breakfast. Ingredients -Crunchy muesli – Yogurt – Pomegranate What you do?Ā  Just mix šŸ™‚ Since muesli itself is chewy, you don’t even mention theĀ stones of Pomegranate Talaaa, ready to eat!!! Amazing tip how to seedĀ Pomegranate without making your hand red Reasons why Ā Pomegranate is called super fruitĀ  1. Pomegranates Are Loaded With Important Nutrients 2. Pomegranates Contain Two Plant Compounds With Powerful Medicinal Properties 3. Pomegranate Has Impressive Anti-Inflammatory Effects 4. Pomegranate May Help Fight Prostate Cancer 5. Pomegranate May Also be Useful Against Breast Cancer 6. Pomegranate May Lower Blood Pressure 7. Pomegranate May Help Fight Arthritis and Joint Pain 8. Pomegranate Juice May Lower Your Risk of Heart Disease 9. Pomegranate Juice May Help Treat Erectile Dysfunction 10. Pomegranate Can Help Fight Bacterial and Fungal Infections 11. Pomegranate …

The famous Chinese Stir-fried tomato with egg

č„æē“…ęŸæē‚’é¶č›‹(xihongshicaojidan) is one of the most famous Chinese dish and it is also one of the easiest to make. When I was small, my mom made this time to time at lunch or for dinner and I loved this so much. No special ingredients needed, and it takes only 10 minutes to make šŸ™‚ IngredientsĀ for 1 Tomato: 2 Ā Egg: 2 Ā Suger: 2 TSPs Salt: a bit Oil : 1/2 TBSP Step1: Prepare Step2: Stir fry Egg shortly and put out Step3: Stir fry Tomato in the same pan Step4 : Add egg, sugar and salt Talaa! Ready to eat!!! Have a good one!!

Yum! Super easy Chicken Daikon Recipe

Looking for new recipe with chicken? Try this and you will be smiling the whole night like I do šŸ™‚Ā I call this recipe “Hottarashi recipe”, which means you basically just leave it cooking alone.Ā Really simple. Ingredients for two White radish : 1 (if it is big one, 20cm) Chicken leg: 500-600g Mirin: 5 TBSPs (75ml) Soy sauce: 4 TBSPs (60ml) Grated ginger : 1TSP Water: 500ml Step1: Cut the radish Step2:Ā Put chicken and radish in the pan Step3: Add all the rest and just leave it I like thick taste, so I leave it till the sauce gets really less. If you don’t like it much salty, boil it for less time. Talaaa! Ready to eat!! Have a nice one!!  

Yakisoba (Japanese fried noodle) in 20 mi

Today I am going to introduce easy Japanese fried noodle recipe. One of my heavily repeated dinner menu for busy day. Super easy and my husband loves it. Unlike ChaoMian, Chinese fried noodle, Yakisoba uses almost no oil. Ingredients for 2 Minced meat : 200 – 300 g Cabbage : 1/4 RamenĀ noodle : 2 bunch Yakisoba sauce : 100 ml       Step1. PrepareĀ  Chopp cabbage in small pieces Boil 1litter of water Step2. Cook Cabbage and minced meet Fry minced meat and once itsĀ color changed, put cabbage in and cookĀ until cabbage changes color andĀ gets a bit soft. I usually don’t put any oil because minced meat has oil itself. Step3. Boil noodle Once water is boiled, put Chinese noodle inside and boiled for 4 minutes* (please follow the instruction of your noodle) Step4. Add noodle Ā and sauceĀ  After noodle is ready, put all noodle into pan and add sauce. Mix well sauce with noodle. Talaaa! Ready to eat! Have a nice one!  

20min! Giner Pork :)

Who said Japanese dish is complicated to make? This is an easy yet super testy pork recipe. Anyone who wants to try new thing with pork, this is for you. The only seasoning you have to buy is soy sauce and Mirin. These are the most frequently used seasoning in Japanese dish. I promise you won’t regret buying it. Ingredients Ā PorkĀ loin – 2 slices ā˜…Grated ginerĀ  – 1.5 TSP ā˜…Soy sauce – 2 TBSP ā˜…Mirin – 2 TBSP ā˜…Water -1 TBSP Oil – 1 TBSP Starch or Flour Salt and pepper Let’s cook 1. Prepare Meat Salt and pepper the meat then put starch (or flour) around the meet. 2. Mix all the ā˜… Mix all the ingredients with ā˜…. To grate ginger, I use cheese grater. 3. Bake the meat 4. Put sauce from step 2 Put sauce around the meat and heat for few minutes. Talaa! Ready do eat!!! Enjoy!!!

Umai! Japanese Potato Salad Recipe

This is so far my best potato salad recipe I’ve tried from Japan! If you are looking for new potato salad recipe, this is for you! Japanese potato salad uses boiled egg šŸ™‚ This recipe is fromĀ CookpadĀ which is No.1 Japanese recipe website. I always use recipe from here for my daily cooking. Unfortunately it is all in Japanese so for my friends and who may want to know in English, here is how I cooked. It was easy and really good! Original recipeĀĀ this was cooked by more than 10K people! Ingredients Potato : 500g (8 small one) Cucumber: 1 Carrot: half Egg: 2 Onion: 1/4-1/2(small) Vineger: 1-2 TBSP Mayonnaise: 4- TBSP Pepper: little bit Salt: 1 TSP         Step1 : Boil Potato and Make boiled egg Peel off the skin of the potato, cut it half. Put in a pan and add water just covers the potato Add 1 TSP of salt and boil Prepare 2 boiled egg. (Boil water and put 2 eggs for around 10minutes) Step2: Prepare vegetable Cute vegetables …